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Why ‘Treme’ isn’t ‘The Wire’

15 Mar

I’ve got a long interview with David Simon, the man behind both ‘The Wire’ and ‘Treme’, in the current issue of The Progressive. Check it out here.

David Simon, at the New Orleans racetrack

Qadhafi Jr. and the Hollywood Jew

25 May

One’s a suburban American Jew, the other’s the son of an Arab tyrant, but hey – everyone loves movies! As the Wrap reports, Saadi Gadhafi, middle son of the famously wacko Libyan dictator, is putting $100 million in financing into a film company run by one Matt Beckerman, a New Jersey-born Jew.

“He loves movies,” explained Beckerman. “He’s seen ‘Lost’ 30 times. He has stacks of DVDs of American films.” OK, but will he come for Shabbat dinner at Matty’s mom’s house?

Matty and Saadi. Courtesy of The Wrap.