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McCain: “Build Pointless Border Fence!”

11 May

I don’t really expect John McCain to show the slightest shred of integrity in these desperate, perhaps final days of his career, but I was at least hoping for common sense. Nope. ABC News reports that McCain’s newest television ad “blames illegal immigrants for ‘home invasions [and] murders’ and calls for the completion of the ‘danged fence’ along the U.S.-Mexico border, reversing years of criticizing such a barrier.”

What’s infuriating isn’t just that the senator has reversed his once-sensible position on immigration in favor of the crudest kind of Mexi-baiting. It’s that this stupid fence doesn’t and won’t work. I pointed that out in Mother Jones when they started building it, and the guy who heads the program for the Department of Homeland Security recently confirmed it to the LA Times:

“The supposedly state-of-the-art system combining sensor towers, communication relay systems and unattended ground sensors has been bogged down with radar clutter, blurred imagery on computer screens and satellite time lapses that often permit drug smugglers and undocumented workers to slip past U.S. law enforcement agents, government officials candidly admit. “It was a great idea, but it didn’t work,” said Mark Borkowski, executive director of the electronic fence program at the Homeland Security Department.”

Mr. Borkowski, could you please have your people call Sen. McCain’s people?