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Bikers of Montreal

14 Jun

Grabbez-vous un bike!

So elegant and practical they made me want to weep for joy on a recent trip: these are the public bicycles of Montreal.  Available to everyone, any time. You find one of the many stations around town where the bikes are kept, swipe a credit card and for less than the price of a bus ride you’re off on a merry two-wheeled ride. When you get to where you’re going, you just park the bike at another station and forget about it.

Bike-sharing is such an obviously good idea that even in carjacked America, more and more cities are starting similar programs. Minneapolis just launched theirs last week, and Washington DC is set to increase the size of theirs by a factor of nine. They’re not necessarily easy to do right, though. The New York Times reports that 80 per cent of the bikes in Paris’ fleet of 20,000 have been stolen. Montreal’s Bixi system seems to have figured out a better way, though. Minneapolis and DC are using the Canadian-designed bikes and parking apparatus. Because who knows more about bicycling than people who live in a country that’s 90 per cent frozen tundra?

And here's how you pay