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ESPN Goes to Haiti

10 May

I’m not much interested in sports – actually, to be honest, I couldn’t care less about sports if I was paid to  care less about them. But the new issue of ESPN-The Magazine has an interesting angle on the Haiti quake, a minutely detailed account of the contrasting fates of the two guys who ran the  Haitian Football Federation. Some really vivid you-are-thereness, like this bit describing the Federation president’s flight from his office as the earthquake comes on:

“The building sways. The president slips and falls on the stairs, bricks and pieces of concrete dropping all around him, like shells pocking an invasion beach. One lands on his right hand, crushing the tips of the ring and middle fingers. … A brick lands on his back, another on his shoulder. This is how he’ll die, a few feet from safety, crushed by the building he ruled. But his legs still work. He feels them, feels strength remaining, so he struggles to his feet….”

Thanks to sports journalist extraordinaire David Davis for sending me the link.